desember 2010

have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?

i want the world to stop. so i can experience all this then 2011 starts with some great memories. ♥ i want to tree camp with someone before i die. bilder -

i'm counting UFO's, i signal them with my lighter.

Will you tell me once again how we're gonna be just friends? If you're for real and not pretend then I guess you can hang with me When my patience's wearing thin When I'm ready to give in Will you...

hardcore maddafakka life.

tror det holder for en stund. ta og ro`en ned to-tre hakk`a. kanskje best, men hakke kontroll. s jeg bare chiller`n med litt rock`n roll.

grav et hull a, gidder`u?


i am the freak

i am fucked up. u are fucked up. i fuck things up. u fuck things up. for now, that is enough. then i still got time to - fantasize about not telling anyone and go off to some random ...

ian curtis.

you should never have been so emotional. never been so sad. never do so much thinking. and drinking. but your music do inspire.

don`t you worry. there`s still time.

♥ snille jenter kommer til himmelen. andre kan komme hvor langt de vil.

.we must make a peace sign to the world.

i want you, oh i want your soul.Leave your boring castle, run with me. RIDE IN YOUR LOVE SPACESHIP.please, prove to me i'm wanted. It's A Little Late, But Can I Be Your Valentine? Baby I don't w...

the last of the english roses.

.MGMT. at det kom til bli bra var jeg sikker p. at det kom til bli s insane sjukt bra som det var, visste jeg ikke. det er det beste jeg noen gang har sett og hrt, tilsammen! skulle nsk...

.psykedelisk tankegang.



18, Lillehammer

jeg er glad. fordi jeg ikke er sur. derfor gr munnen min oppover. fordi den ikke gr nedover.