lucy in the sky

sometimes i feel like Lucy In The Sky.
at the same time i Clap My Hands Say Yeah. because it really dont matter if you are Black Or White.
you are just A Song Away from The Only One anyway.
your Energy is Too Fake for the world and you got to Learn To Lose.
drink some Red Red Wine and do your Delivery.
Hey Hey Girl, She Moves In Her Own Way.
They Don`t Care About Us anyway. The Fools are Walking and Crying At Teatime.
That is the Wrong Way. Why Can`t We Be Friends?
Luckely The End`s Not Near until your Funeral.

Hair, Across The Universe and Forrest Gump.
Peace, Love, Happiness & understand the meaning of Flower Power ♥
then you will live a life in harmony and have a good karma At The Bottom Of Everything.

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anja sexton

03.mai.2010 kl.10:07


Jeg vil prve komme p den peace festivalen med dere! skulle ha skrevet p face, men er p skolen s kunne ikke det. Hun vennina mi sunniva som jeg gr p skole med har lyst vre med, og lurte p om det er greit for deg (hvis jeg kan dra da) at hun ogs blir med?

Jeg lurte ogs p om du kunne sende meg litt son mer info p face?

Kjrlighet til deg matja:)


04.mai.2010 kl.10:36

anja sexton: omg anja :) :) :) <3<3<3<3<3 jeg sender deg mail!

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18, Lillehammer

jeg er glad. fordi jeg ikke er sur. derfor gr munnen min oppover. fordi den ikke gr nedover.